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'If you know the history'

The team was founded in 2008 by members Johnny Mullaney (manager) and Paul Mochan (Grandson of Celtic legend Neilly Mochan) grateful donations from 20 members allowed the team to purchase their beloved Celtic FC hoops strip.  The side is mainly Irish and UK ex pats who have migrated to Australia. The team entered the Brisbane Commercial league in season 2008 and were League One Champions and Grand Final winners, the following season they were promoted to the Premier league and finished runners up. In season 2010 a decision was made to enter the FIFA registered Football Brisbane Metro Leagues under the banner of the Gap FC, a local Senior football club with tremendous facilities, whose fields we had moved to in season 2009. The merger was a great success with the bhoys keeping their own identities and kits, and they won the double winning Metro 5 Championship and Grand FInal.
In 2011 they moved up to Metro 4 and in a difficult season with injuries, they finished runners up for the title, but won the Grand Final in barnstorming style against the league champions. The team have been featured in the worlds press including a big article in 4-4-2 regarding clubs formation and exploits, as well as The Irish Sun and OZ paper The Irish Echo.
The bhoys merged more comprehensively with The Gap FC mens section becoming The Gap Celtic, and recruiting an unbelievable 30 additional UK and Irish players for the club teams,  the Brisbane Celtic side weakened by players moving up to the top side, stayed in Metro 4 for season 2012, and won the league title by 18 points and were undefeated in all league games winning 21 and drawing one. They finished runners up in the 2012 Grand Final, and were promoted to Metro 3 as Champions for 2013 season.
In 2013 after a horrendous start which left them sitting bottom of the league with nil points after 3 games, they went on an 18 game unbeaten run and finished in 3rd place and were runners up in the Grand Final.
The Gap Celtic first team with 9 players recruited via our network, won the Capital 2 league Grand Final in sensational style to give the club its first senior mens title for a decade.
The bhoys played in City 6 as a social side in 2014 and won the league and grand final, unbeaten in 24 games, and in 2015 were champions again in City 6 league and lost their Grand Final in E.T and suffered their first loss in 44 matches.
This was the bhoys last ever game as the side will merge fully with the Gap FC witht he intention of helping the club get promotion.

Preseason starts Dec 1st for the Gap FC, we wear the Hoops as our away kit, and the clubhouse has much evidence of its links with Celtic with signed shirts including a 1967 European Cup Final winning shirt signed by players Willie Wallace and Bertie Auld.
New players are always welcome,  and its a great club for Celts to join.
contact Johnny on or 0416402013 for more details.
Established Jan 2008
since 2010 now playing under the name of The Gap Football Club
2009 Team
2009 Presentation Evening at The Gap FC
Sister Olivia - Patron Saint of the Brisbane Celtic FC
Metro 5 League and Grand Final Winners 2010
Congratulations - Brisbane Celtic FC
on winning the Double
Div 1 Winners and Grand Final Winners 2008
Metro Blue 4  - Grand Final Winners 2011
Roll of Honour

2008 Commercial league Div 1 Champions & Grand Final Winners

2009 Commercial Premier league Runners Up

2010  Metro 5 Champions & Grand Final Winners

2011 Metro 4 Runners up & Grand Final winners

2012 Metro 4 Champions & Grand Final Runners up

2013 Metro 3  3rd place and Grand Final Runners up

2014  City 6 Champions &grand Final Winners

2105  City 5 Champions & Grand Final Runners Up
2013 bhoys
2011 Metro 4 runners up & Grand Final winners
2012 Metro 4 Champions (unbeaten in the league)
2015 City 5 Champions & Grand Final R' Up
2014 City 6 Champions  & Grand Final Winners