There's no strangers at Brisbane Celtic, only friends who have not yet met.
Brisbane Celtic SC Information

Brisbane Celtic SC has been a club with a constitution, committees and members (including social and non social) for many years.
In 2013 we decided to attempt something radical and rewrite the rule book regarding how CSC's were run to ensure the long term future of the CSC.
We decided to dissolve as a club with a constitution and become a simplified Association of Celtic fans without any rules, using Celtic FC’s charter as our adopted template.
On August 7th the members voted at their AGM to become a Co-operative which we felt was more in tune with traditional Celtic FC philosophy.

A co-operative is an autonomous association of persons who cooperate for their mutual, social, and cultural benefit, Cooperatives are dedicated to the values of openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

Cooperatives are typically based on the cooperative values of "self-help, self-responsibility, democracy and equality, equity and solidarity" including the principles of:

    Voluntary and open membership
    Democratic member control
    Autonomy and independence
    Concern for community

There are no committee members or hierarchy, just a group of dedicated volunteers who give their time to help in the ongoing running of the CSC.

The Brisbane CSC is proud to be The Peoples CSC and there for the pleasure of current and future generations of Celtic fans.

Our sole purpose is to watch show live Celtic games when possible and provide a friendly base for like-minded Celtic fans to meet up and socialise over a beer or three.

We have no members, or ownership, just associates who are Celtic Fans dedicated to ensuring the CSC is guided in the right direction.
This was the wishes of the founding members of the club who built up the funds and resources and then voted to make it a self sufficient association there for everyone, free of the restrictions of management and committees which always seem to create divisions and unrest in CSC’s over a period of time.

Anyone can become associates of the club by purchasing our club tops, if offers no rights or benefits other than the pleasure of socialising with fellow Celts and agreeing to act in a manner befitting The Celtic FC Charter on CSC issues.

There are no annual subscriptions or fees; the CSC has built up a kitty of rainy day money which is used to pay its ongoing running costs, funds may need to be replenished over the years by holding raffles at games.

We go out of our way to welcome new Celtic fans into our fold and help new arrivals settle, please contact us if you are planning to migrate or here on holiday, or just turn up in O’Malley’s for a game and introduce yourself.

We take part in Brisbane’s St Patricks Day Parade each year marching behind our CSC flag, and will occasionally organise other events, such as an annual boat cruise, this will be decided at the annual meeting and any funding will be voted upon.

Members are free to organise other events as they please, which simply need to be self funding and open to all.

An annual meeting will be arranged each year in August where the accounts can be examined. Associates will then vote on accepting the accounts and decide who looks after the club funds. Proposals/suggestions can be made for the following season ahead but must be submitted via our media channels at least 24 hours prior to the meeting and not have the potential/intention for creating division .

The CSC entity itself cannot be changed, it is hoped that there will always be Celtic volunteers who will guide the club as per the wishes of the founding members.
In the event the CSC ceases to exist, any club funds would be donated to a local charity.

The CSC has no rules as such, but subscribes to Celtic FC's Social Charter.

Celtic Social Charter
Celtic Football Club, from the supporters to the management and owners, welcome the statement of intent in its Social Charter to set out the values and actions that are part of the best that Celtic stands for.
Supporting the charitable principles of its founder, promoting health well being, understanding and positive social integration.
An inclusive organisation being open to all, regardless of age, race, sex, religion or disability.
Upholding a shared set of positive values including fair play, sucess and appreciation of skills, and building on the renowned qualities of our supporters.

                                             Our motto is
             'Keep it Simple, Keep it Celtic'