Basement Level, Wintergarden, Queen St. Mall, Brisbane
Tel No. (07) 3211 9889
Brisbane CSC makes every effort to show as many live games as possible, Sunday matches  will not be shown unless advertised on this site and in O'Malleys.

For big matches, our very own Celtic DJ Johnny Mullaney plays before and after games. Admission is free to all games, we aim to provide a warm welcome to visiting Tims, so please introduce yourself  and join us for a beer.

We do not advertise Champions League matches as O'Malley's does not open early but we always try to show an evening repeated replay.

For visiting Tims, The Pig & Whistle upstairs in Queen St. Mall will always show live games when unavailable in O'Malleys. 

For further information if required contact Johnny Mullaney
Mobile: 0416 402 013 or email:
Brisbane CSC

Live games in O'Malleys.
Next Live games

Saturday December 30th

Live in the main bar
Rangers V Celtic
10pm kick off
plus Celtic DJ before and after game from 9pm.
Everyone welcome.